The Library at St. Francis High School is a centre of information to all the students, enabling them to make use of advanced facilities to gain new insight into the vast array of textual topics thereby encouraging them to write reviews. Thus, it promotes in them the habit of reading books which helps them to acquire knowledge, and also to derive the pleasures of reading. Student can access required information at the tip of their fingers, with the help of latest internet and computer enabled technology.


  • The library record card should be duly filled in and the librarian’s initials obtained.
  • Books are issued to the pupils weekly on the day fixed for each class. They must be returned within the stipulated time. A fine of Re.1 per day will be charged thereafter.
  • On receiving a book, pupils are requested to examine it and report if any damage is noticed; otherwise they will be held responsible for the damage.
  • If any damage is noticed by the librarian on return of a book, the pupil returning it, will be charged for the damage. Books lost by any pupil must be replaced or the cost paid for.
  • Students are not allowed to change or lend books among themselves or to outsiders.