Peace, Resilience, Integrity, Responsibility, Discipline and Empathy are the core values of our institution.
The given values represent the foundational convictions as proclaimed through the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers. The expected behaviours have been elaborated to guide the practice of these values. The school community strives to uphold these values and rise above life’s challenges.


Be an instrument of God’s Peace
Be a peace-maker and peace giver always
Be at peace within oneself


Have courage to rise above challenges
Treat every setback as a learning experience
Resist negative peer pressure and influence


Be human in all dealings with peers and adults
Have the moral courage to do the right thing
“Walk the Talk” – Do what you say and you will do’


Adhere to school rules always
Use polite language with others
Strive personal mastery


Be sensitive to strive people’s feelings and situations
Show care for those who are less fortunate.
Serve with humility n community service activities


Follow directions and complete the given tasks
Take ownership of choices, words and actions
Be accountable for your learning and actions.