Transportation is another important facility we have in our educational institution. Bangalore, being a developing city, traffic problem is one of the main concerns and due to which students are not able to manage the school or college timings. So, we have a fleet of buses which run efficiently.

  • We provide transportation facilities for students. Students have to register their names with all the details of boarding point, bus route, bus number, etc.
  • On the identity card of Pre – Primary Students, the boarding points and the bus number in which they are travelling should be written very clearly.
  • In case the parent / guardian wishes to change the boarding point or bus route, a written application should be submitted and get it sanctioned from the Principal or the Administrator.
  • Making use of the bus service is not compulsory, but once registered for transportation service, parents will have to pay the full year’s fee even if they desire to discontinue after a month. Students are recommended to use the school bus to avoid coming late to school.
  • If any student causes any damage to the bus, he / she will be heavily fined and may be banned from making use of school transportation service.
  • Bus fees may be increased as and when the management finds it essential.
  • Without prior notice, bus service, or any bus stop will be cancelled if the management decides to do so.