Dear Papa and Mama,

Inform my school when you change your phone number because I am not with you during school hours.


My teachers are very important to me. I thank you for meeting my teachers whenever you think its needed


Thank you for giving me life. Please help me to make it worthwhile. In my journey, I need you always.


You and my teachers may not be perfect but they are the most precious gifts God has ever given to me.

(Class I)

My teachers take your place in the school, so I want you to encourage them to help me do better.

(Class II)

I am so blessed to get all I need. I have dreams to be achieved. Help me please!

(Class III)

My life is in your hand. Take care of my childhood. I know I am 100% responsible for how my life turns out.

(Class IV)

I want you to check my class notes everyday because it encourages me to do better.

(Class V)

I will walk a few steps. You walk a few more in my studies. Let us walk together.

(Class VI)

I want to talk. Will you listen to me? Don’t be always busy with your world! My studies are more important you know.

(Class VII)

My most precious moments – the time I spend with you! Spend at least one hour with me because it helps me to do well in my studies.

(Class VIII)

Shall I share what I did today in the school? Do you have time to listen to me? Always remember that this is important for me.

(Class IX)

Will you help me to fly? You have given me strong roots.Will you give me wings too? Will you please?

(Class X)

Dear Parent of OUR CHILD,
Connect daily with your child. Spend time with your child. Let your child experience – why you connect yourself with your child. Take time away from television/mobile/technology for a half an hour at least and just spend time listening and talking to your child. Have your meals with your children whenever possible. Each connection has a lasting impact in the life of your child. With love and prayers!
Brother Sanil Tharayil