1. Rachana A - X A - School Captain      2. Merin Mariam George - IX B - School Vice Captain     3. Hari U.V - X A - Sports Captain

1. Neslin Peter Menexes - X A (Blue)      2. Deepthi K.V - X B (Green)     3. Sandesh M - X B (Red)     4. Rithisha B.S - X B (Yellow)

1. Aldrin Cris Kurian - IX A (Blue)      2. Ravikiran M.B - IX B (Green)     3. Gagana M - IX A (Red)     4. Sachin Sudha - IX A (Yellow)

The Seva Sadan Complex of Institutions, established under the congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers comprises of St. Francis High School from LKG to STD X, with a view and vision to create a centre for excellence in the field of education. The School focuses on delivering highly qualitative, comprehensive and integral education, through thought provoking and innovative methods in teaching and guiding. We comprehensively focus on the Personality Development of each child, who is the future pillar of hope and promise to our nation.

The sprawling campus of the School brings an aura of a cosmopolitan environment of its own kind, where modern trends and traditions are amalgamated and supplemented, without any loss of our own identity. We believe in the tradition of our nation and local culture which enables the students to be within the boundaries of life values.

There is a Steering Committee to guide the integral development of the School in every aspect, where Educationists, Psychologists, and well known achievers in all walks of life are involved actively, with the most valuable and primary support of our Principal Rev. Bro. Jose George Malana.

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